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Wednesday, December 7

Ramsey has become a burden to Juventus

He used to reject even a team like Manchester United as a possible move.

Number 16 at Arsenal, despite frequent injuries, showed great promise in the future.

The midfielder, in addition to organizational duties, also knew how to score from time to time.

When it was thought that he reached the age of maturity and the “gunners” were shielding a footballer who had been missing for a long time, the same one began to feel that he was worth more than what he gave on the field, says Just Football.

The expiry of the contract with the Londoners was primarily due to salary disputes.

When he is already only 31 years old and it is assumed that he can play for at least five more years at high levels, the player is no longer loved by anyone.

Even at Juventus, which came with a lot of fanfare, it has become a burden.

The “Old Lady” wants him out of the team and therefore offers him 1.5 million euros only for him to agree to terminate the contract.

Finally, he was left out of the list of the “white and black” team for the pre-season tour as Massimiliano Allegri does not see the footballer as worthy.

Currently only Rangers are interested in the player.

On deadline day, Juventus fans had another pleasant surprise in store, as Aaron Ramsey completed an initial loan switch from Turin to Glasgow Rangers.

Perhaps it’s a harsh way to put it, but the midfielder simply failed to replicate his form from his Arsenal days during his two and a half years at the Allianz Stadium.

Moreover, the Welshman was one of the club’s highest earners with a contract that saw him garnering around 7 million euros per season as net wages.

La Gazzetta dello Sport took a look back at Ramsey’s time in Turin while revealing how much he cost the club’s coffers for every minute of football.

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